In trying to research my father's service in India/Burma, I discovered just how forgotten the "Forgotten Theater" truly is!  While much has been written on the flying units in the CBI (Hump Pilots, Flying Tigers, Air Commandos, B-29 operations, etc.), little was available on the ground support units.  There are other CBI websites that have a wealth of information, but not the Order of Battle, lineage, and insignia information on ALL CBI units that I was seeking.  Some of these older sites are no longer around.  There are some excellent CBI-related sites whose focus is in other aspects of the history of that theater (see References & Credits for links to many of these).

So I started my search in earnest.  I scoured public domain websites, joined the Hump Pilots Association and CBI Veterans Association, wrote countless letters and emails to CBI veterans.  Along the way I met other researchers, veterans, and other CBI "fans" who have supplied a wealth of information.  The Ex-CBI Roundup magazine has been a fantastic resource as well.  This web site is the result.

There have been many difficulties along the way in tracing unit lineages.  Throughout WWII, the AAF often repeated unit designations, often making tracing unit lineages difficult and confusing.  For example, there were several units designated 3d Transport Sq.  Reconnaissance units are just as bad.  There have been 5 different organizations called the 1st Reconnaissance Sq, and the numbers 9, 10, 20, 24, and 31 were each used by 4 different organizations.

One can see the potential for error and inconsistency in unit lineages.  Once a lineage is posted on this site, it will be updated should new and/or clearer information be found.

Please note also that due to the fact that so little information has been written on many of these units, I realize that there may be some that have been omitted.  Any omissions are, of course, unintentional.  That is where you, visitors to this web site, come in.

I ask for and welcome your submissions of additional unit listings, unit histories, insignia, and of course any corrections for any errors made in the creation of this website.

It is my hope that this site will be a ready reference to other CBI researchers, CBI veterans, and families of CBI veterans.



Source:  WW2 US Medical Research Centre

Medical Administrative Specialist (MOS 673):

Medical Administrative Specialist; supervises personnel of medical unit in administration or care and treatment of sick, injured and wounded. May assist in supervision of operation of hospital units or dispensaries; inspection of kitchens, mess halls, latrines, and garbage pits; and cleaning of medical supplies. May instruct medical enlisted personnel in such duties as first aid, nursing, and sterilization of instruments . May supervise preparation of medical records and reports. Completion of technical course at Army Medical School or equivalent experience very desirable.

Please send additions / corrections to