1944 - 3rd Quarter - 97th Station Hospital

July 1944 - This is a clay model of my (Kathleen Dillon's) head and shows Sgt. Bill Royer working thereon. (97th Station Hospital in Agra, India)

Sgt. Bill Royer. (97th Station Hospital in Agra, India)

This one is for the PALL MALL people. (97th Station Hospital in Agra, India)

August 1944

To Kathleen:
Remember these 2 pusses? I'm in the middle of "Begin the Beguine". It's 135 degrees and I'm soaked.
Fomeen and Gene Emerald

Fomeen and Gene Emerald; - Part of one of the grandest shows to come over. They were in this overseas unit for about 2 years.

August 24, 1944

Pvt. Anthony Polito
ASN 32937402
1361 MP Co
APO 491
c/o Postmaster, NY, NY
The sweetest girl (Kathleen Dillon) on the base.

September 1944 - My favorite people. S/S Paul Sherwood, Pfc Bob Darling, Boo (Kathleen Dillon), Cpl Hames Fowler and Cpl Larry Bramhall all of the 26th. (26th Air Depot Group [882 NY] in Agra, India near 97th Station Hospital)

August 1944 - Wash day you know. (Kathleen Dillon at 97th Station Hospital in Agra, India)