From Mr. Mort Reichek, Boynton Beach, FL (April 2005):

I joined the 903d at Panagarh in the spring of 1944.  The company had just arrived there from, of all places, Egypt, where they had been stationed for over a year.  Panagarh was just being built (indeed our outfit was drafted to build steel aircraft hangars rather than doing much signalo work).  The 47th Air Depot Group sounds familiar, and that may very well have been our parent outfit during our brief stay there.

We arrived, as I recall, at Titagarh late in the summer of 1944.  There were 2 other signal companies like ours already there: the 886th and 893d.  I believe the 886th was later merged in our 903d.  The base became named Bengal Air Depot.  The designation 5317th sticks in my mind as the parent organization there.

Barrackpore was a nearby base with a large air strip (which Titagarh lacked), but we may have had a very small detachment there.  The company HQ was in Titagarh, which I know definitely since I ended up as the company clerk, and later acting 1st sergeant shortly after VJ Day.  A 903d buddy with whom I had mail contact some 25 years ago insisted that he was stationed at Barrackpore.  After the war, as I recall, other units were merged into the 903d, and we were renamed the 923d.  Sentimentalist that I am, when I was discharged at Fort Dix, NJ, I insisted that the 903d be placed on my discharge papers.

The names 28th Air Depot Group and 47th Air Depot group stick in my mind, and we were apparently linked to them somewhere along the line.  I also remember the 3d Air Depot Group at Agra, where I spent a couple of months as an unassigned GI awaiting shipment elsewhere.

Titagarh, c. January 1945

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