Project 7 Patch

Mr. Peter Castner sent me this image of the Project 7 patch, an unofficial patch, which was designed by some of the Project 7 members. He received it from Mr. Larry Manahan, one of the Project 7 crewmembers. It was made in Calcutta in 1944 by the Chap Hing Company in Calcutta. Only about a dozen were made.

The following is a description of the patch's components as described by Mr. Manahan:

"7" was the official designation of the project "Project 7" which sent thousands of men to India.

4-bladed props of C-46s we came to fly, but didn't because we had no C-46s.

The "G" stands for Gaya where us pilots went to get transition time in the C-46 - never got any!

The red ass which is all we left Gaya with, obtained from sitting too long and not flying any...

...excepting of course the purple shaft we felt as if we had stuck up you know where.

The green snake: One of the men at gaya was a talented cartoonist and he would draw cartoons and secretly put them on the bulletin board for everyone to see. This made the commander very angry. he assembled the group, stood in front of us, took off his Major leaves and offered to fight the man (cartoonist) if he would step out. No one did. The cartoonist signed his work "The Cobra", hence the green snake.

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